Welcome to the Governor David Emanuel - Adam Brinson Chapter

The Governor David Emanuel Chapter, Swainsboro, Ga., and the Adam Brinson Chapter, Twin City, Ga., merged on July, 2010. The members voted to keep both names of the chapters and hyphenate the new chapter's name. The Governor David Emanuel Chapter and the Adam Brinson Chapter have been influential and important organizations in both Swainsboro and Twin City.

Who We Were...

Governor David Emanuel Chapter

Founded: May 26, 1931
Organizing Regent: Mattie Moring Mitchell Flanders

The Governor David Emanuel Chapter was named for David Emanuel, former Governor of Georgia and namesake of the county in which most of the organizing members lived. He was a leader in the Revolutionary War and a State Legislator. David Emanuel was born in 1744 in Pennsylvania and died February 19, 1808 in Georgia.

Adam Brinson Chapter

Founded: October 10, 1930
Organizing Regent: Carrie Mae Brinson Brannen

The Adam Brinson Chapter was named for Adam Brinson, who is cited for his patriotic service to the revolution. He was born June 10, 1751, in Onslow County, North Carolina. Adam Brinson died after January 7, 1808, in Burke County, Georgia.

Image of a DAR member winning a basket in the 'State Basket Fling'

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